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Check out this video of Sam Schultz and Owen Gue racing the Rolling Thunder cyclocross race in Missoula, MT. Sam Schultz hops the barriers while Owen “chooses” to run.

The Rolling Thunder Cyclocross race in Missoula, MT will soon become one for United States’ top races in the country. Shaun Radley of Montana Cyclocross has put this race on for four years and it’s grown exponentially since it’s inaugural year in 2006. The Cycling House has sponsored this race for two years and TCH staffer, Sam Schultz took the top spot this year.

Owen Gue of The Cycling House raced a pair of tubular HED Wheels with the C2 rim. The C2 Rim on the HED Wheels are wider then most other bike wheel rims which translates into faster cornering and more stability. Learn more about the full HED wheel line (Jet, stinger, scorpio, H3, H3D, Ardennes, Bastongne) at The Cycling House Store.