New Gravel Trips – Getting Off The Beaten Path! Image

We are excited to announce three new gravel trips for 2018! Our staff has always loved riding gravel. It opens up many route options while getting you off the beaten path. The routes and locations that we have chosen are staff favorites and we look forward to sharing the experience.

Where will our gravel cycling trips be located?

Our first gravel camp will be in Tucson, AZ in early April. If you’ve been to Tucson with us before, this is your chance to see this place through a completely different lens.  The second gravel camps will be the Colorado Gravel camp which will be based in Steamboat Spring, CO. We’re partnered with the great folks at Moots Bicycles to help us deliver this one of a kind experience. The third will be a point-to-point camping tour based in Missoula, MT in late September. Missoula is our home town so we’re very excited about this one!

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Why gravel?

There is a great interest and growing demand for experiencing gravel rides. With popular events like Tushar Crusher, Rebecca’s Private Idaho and the Dirty Kanza all highlight road + dirt. Within the Cycling House, our guides and staff have always loved getting off paved roads and drawn to the route less traveled and which is very commonly a gravel road. We like experience the routes seldom seen by cars and the majority of road riders and we think that our guests will love it as well. We’ve found that the areas we ride and guide on an annual basis have a plethora of adventurous routes to experience by bike and we’ll be putting together a mixture of road and gravel to get the most out of a cycling getaway with us.

If you’ve never ridden gravel before, this is an opportunity to push a little bit beyond your comfort zone and tip toe into the amazing and adventurous world of gravel riding.

We’ve always enjoyed riding gravel and dirt roads whether in cyclocross races or long adventure tours.  We started the Montana Hell Ride and Rolling Thunder one day off road events.  Riding off road in Montana, Colorado, and Tucson provides amazing scenery, adventure and fun.  It also opens up tremendous route potential.  There is a little bit for each type of rider between the three offerings.

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