A Letter To Our Guests Regarding COVID-19

Updated May 23, 2022

We’ve been adjusting our policies, procedures, and guidelines to help reduce the risks associated with COVID-19. However, we cannot fully eliminate all the risks associated with COVID-19, but we are prepared to help minimize those risks to some degree and run our trip as responsibly as possible.  Ultimately, it’s up to each individual to decide whether those risks are acceptable before deciding to travel with us. We want you to do what’s best for you.

As a result of COVID-19, we understand you have questions and concerns about your upcoming travel, and we’re committed to offering you flexibility and support. We’re taking all of the necessary steps to be at the forefront of operating in a safe and appropriate manner that adheres to all local, state and national guidelines.


Our goal is to create a trip atmosphere that both protects the health of all trip guests and guides and provides a positive experience. If we embrace a spirit of cooperation and take a few important precautions we’re going to have a wonderful trip!  


Vaccination / Testing

  • We highly recommend that all guests be vaccinated for Covid-19 before traveling with us. (The Cycling House staff is fully vaccinated).
  • We ask that non-vaccinated guests get tested for Covid-19 before traveling with us on any trip, regardless of the destination’s requirements, within 72 hours prior to travel.


  • If you’re booked on an upcoming TCH trip, we’ll let you know what our mask protocol is before your trip start date. 

Arrive Healthy

  • We ask that any guest that’s feeling sick leading up to our trip not attend. We will work with these individuals to find a better time to travel with us when they are fully healthy. 

Great Hygiene

  • Guests and guides should wash hands often and take advantage of hand sanitizer when it’s available. 


  • We plan to eat outdoors as much as possible, which we love. The nights can get chilly, so please bring a jacket. 

Thanks for embracing the spirit of cooperation so we can all have a great trip! 

The important things will never change

Despite the new realities we face, we’re happy to slowly and surely be getting back to doing what we love and delivering our unforgettable biking experiences! The important things at our company will never change. We can’t wait to get back to those shared adventures on the bike, enjoying home-cooked meals, connecting with friends and face-to-face laughter. We’ll remain hard at work to make sure you get to experience everything you’re looking forward to – and more – on a Cycling House trip. 

In the meantime, never hesitate to reach out. Support from friends and family is important during difficult times, and we consider each and every one of you a part of The Cycling House family.  

Call us at 406-312-5770 or email us at [email protected].


Owen Gue, President