Look E-765 Gravel Bike

Look E-765 Gravel Bike
Manufacturer: Look E-765 Gravel
Type: E-Bike
Cost: $ / trip

E-Gravel Bike  – 2021 Look E-765

Step into the world of e-bikes in style with the Grey Mat E-765 GRAVEL. Ride anywhere you wish with the single SRAM Rival 1 front chainring and bottom bracket FAZUA Evation motor, featuring a removable battery. Take this away and your gravel bike will handle almost exactly like a mechanical edition, weighing barely 12kg for enjoyable dynamism and playfulness. The MADE by LOOK cockpit and FLAT MOUNT disc brakes complete the ensemble.

Why you’ll love it?

Imagine a bicycle capable of taking you effortlessly anywhere you wished to go… It would be the E-765 Gravel. Roads, tracks, paths or fields, nothing is too much thanks to a powerful and robust electric motor. Without sacrificing weight or looks, the bike will show you the world in a different light. It is quite possibly the most versatile bike ever designed.

It can be ridden with or without the electric assistance, through the streets of the city or the winding roads of the countryside, at the beach or up the mountain, to go to work or simply for a meander, for leisure or for racing… simply blend your muscle power with the bike’s electric watts and enjoy the best of all worlds. The E-765 GRAVEL brings a whole new dimension to bike riding.