COVID-19 Mitigation & Procedures Plan

Spending time outdoors while riding bikes is rejuvenating, and now, it might be more important than ever. Sharing the joys of cycling, personal connections, and camaraderie in a healthy, supportive atmosphere has always been central to what we do at The Cycling House. 

This summer and fall, we will be adjusting our policies, procedures, and guidelines as detailed below to help reduce the risks associated with COVID-19. However, we cannot fully eliminate all the risks associated with COVID-19, but we are prepared to help minimize those risks as much as possible.  Ultimately, you can decide whether those risks are acceptable before deciding to travel to The Cycling House.

Pre-Trip Screening

Your health has always been a top priority on our trips, moving forward we’ll be implementing a pre-trip guest screening process. The process is based on new standard operating procedures developed among a number of companies within the outfitting and guiding world.

  • All guests & staff are required to fill out a COVID-19 pre-trip screening regarding their health and recent travel activities. 
  • All guests will be asked to sign an additional COVID-19 risk and liability waiver that will request compliance and address exposure. 
  • All guests will be asked to adhere to our COVID-19 Code of Conduct. We reserve the right to remove any guest from a trip who does not comply with these simple precautions.
  • Temperatures will be checked for fever upon arrival at the trip starting point. Please understand that a reading of ≥100 degrees will mean we are unable to welcome you on the trip.

All Day Long

  • Wash hands and or use hand sanitizer frequently.

Greetings, Social Distancing, No Communal Touch Points

  • Avoiding Physical Contact: Everyone will be reminded to avoid physical contact. No high-fives, handshakes or hugs.
  • Guests should touch only their personal gear. 
  • Social distancing (6ft) will be implemented. 
  • We’re recommending that all guests bring their preferred face coverings, whether they’re stylish patterned buffs, face masks, or simple bandanas.

Meals & Aid Stations

  • No buffet-style food service will be allowed. 
  • Only guides will serve food to guests.  
  • Guests will not be permitted to help prepare food, serve food, or be allowed in the kitchen.
  • The use of face-covering is mandatory for staff while preparing food, along with clean shirts, and aprons.   
  • Food preparation and serving surfaces will be thoroughly sanitized before and after use.
  • All guests and staff must wash their hands prior to all meals and aid stations. (Aid stations will have hand sanitizer and handwashing stations.)
  • Items previously available to all guests will all be personalized – nothing on the trip will be touched by all guests ie, waters spigots, food items, food service items, etc.
  • Social distancing is required during meals and aid stations

On the Rides

  • For parties not traveling together – No group riding, drafting or close contact riding. 


  • All passengers in vans will wear masks.
    • If you don’t have your own mask, we’ll provide you with one. 
  • All passengers must use hand sanitizer before riding in the vans.
  • Our staff will thoroughly wipe down touchpoint vehicle surfaces after each use.

Between Trips

  • Touchpoint surfaces in shuttle vans are completely sanitized and cleaned between trips.
  • All equipment is completely cleaned and sanitized between trips. 
    • Bikes are tuned, washed, and sanitized.
    • Kitchen equipment is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized

Want to see our full COVID-19 Operations plan? Contact us and we’ll send you our 8 page document detailing our full plan.