HED Ardennes SL Wheelset

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HED’s Ardennes SL Plus wheelsets are only one step below the top-of-the-line FR line. Our best selling wheelset sports a Scandium rim, carbon front hub, and stronger spoke lacing pattern to maximize lateral stiffness.
And if you like the 23mm wide rims, you’ll love the Ardennes Plus version, which adds another 2mm in rim width (to 25mm), which extend all the same benefits even further.

This wheel is part of our HED Wheel Special.  Receive a FREE GARMIN EDGE 520.

We sell more Ardennes SL than any other wheelset, and for good reason: they are the best balance of performance, versatility, and budget for our racer and tri client base. If you can own only one wheelset, this is it. The entire Ardennes line is subtle and understated at first glance, but make no mistake, these wheels come from royal bloodlines. Every detail has been thought of and industry leading ideas, like the C2 Plus rim with its 25mm width, have been implemented. The result, a lightweight, everyday wheel that has shaved huge amounts of drag and rolling resistance from the industry standard, added comfort, increased durability, facilitated maintenance, and all done in noble grace.

The SL carries with it all the details of the FR model, minus the titanium ratchet ring and skewers and the rear hub grease port. Everything else remains the same- the Sonic hubs, Sapim CX-Ray spokes and aluminum nipples, C2 rim and even HED reflective decals that increase visibility and safety in low light without making you look like a deer hunter on opening day.