HED Jet 4 Black Wheelset


HED Jet 4 Black Wheelset

The Jet Black series is the newest iteration on the popular HED JET series, and better than ever. In addition to the stylish, and slightly intimidating, all black new wheel, the Jet Black offers the newest in HED braking technology. Turbine Braking Technology will decrease stopping distance by 25% on dry surfaces and up to 70% in wet conditions. Over all the Jet Black series offers a dapper upgrade on earlier Jet wheels in both appearance and functionality.

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The Jet Black 4 is the ultimate in performance. If there is a way to save weight or save watts, HED has built it into these wheels. Ti skewers and ratchet ring drop weight, plus a grease port in the rear hub keeps things rolling fast and ticking right along season after season.

The Jet Black 4 is the stealth bomber of the Jet series, and is more stealth than ever in the Black version. Jet 4’s are truly an everyday wheel with excellent aero properties and great looks. With Turbine Braking Technology you’ve got a race wheelset for all occasions or a fast training wheel for rides like Tucson’s epic Shootout that happens every Saturday in The Cycling House’s back yard. The Jet 4s are 46mm deep, so they have great aerodynamics, but are almost as light as the best box rims available today. If you want seriously fast wheels but don’t want to commit to a full on 60mm or more aero set, they’re for you.