HED Jet 6 Wheelset

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The Jet 6 is our most popular aero wheelset and now the Jet 6 Plus is even better. It provides all the great HED performance, but includes phenomenal durability. It still uses the C2 clincher rim which provides un-rivaled aerodynamics and handling. If you want a top notch wheelset without breaking the bank then look no further. The Jet 6 Plus is great for folks who race roads or triathlons. 25mm wide rim.

Always Free Shipping & No Sales Tax! The Jet 6 made it in 1990 when it was the first Aero clincher. Today, the Jet 6 is still breaking new ground. The new 60mm aero section made specifically for the C2 rim make the Jet 6 better than ever. HEDs C2 rims are wider than you average rim- increasing both cornering performance and lowering drag. This means the new Jet 6 are more aero, they roll better, corner better, and they’re lighter.

Crosswinds you ask? No problem. The aero profile of the Jet 6 is optimized for lots of wind conditions and it takes a strong crosswind to stall them out. These wheels have won everything from local crits to the Ironman World Championship, and they’re still setting records. The Jet 6s also climb well. Tests done by HED show that these wheels perform better than a wheel that is 300 grams ligher with a traditional rim profile as long as grades stay below 7.5%. For The Cycling House that means during our winter camps in Tucson these wheels are faster up Mount Lemmon (which never rises above 7%) than a much lighter wheel. And on the flats…..buh bye.