HED Jet 9 Wheelset

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The Jet 9 Plus is an excellent choice for triathlon and time trials. It’s a great wheel for someone who wants to increase performance without spending through the roof. The Jet 9 Plus is pound for pound one of the most aerodynamic clinchers on the market. Tony Martin and Chrissy Wellington have both used the Jet 9 in competition. That says a lot in a mostly tubular dominated niche.
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Ride one of the most popular aero wheel in the world! Part of HED’s long list of ‘firsts’, the Jet 9 was designed in 1995 and production started in 1996. The Cycling House is happy to be part of that history. Groundbreaking 13 years ago, thanks to HEDs extensive re-design, the 2014 Jet 9 FR is as revolutionary as the original, and with the addition of Sonic FR hubs, a titanium ratchet ring, and a grease port in the rear hub, it’s no minor deviation from the norm. It’s huge.

The new Jet 9 FR is more aero, has lower rolling resistance, and corners and handles better than almost anything out there.- all increasing speed. All of this are the result of HED’s C2 rim technology. And now the wheel is even better. The new Plus rim is 25mm wide and weighs no more than the 19mm rims that were standard for the industry (including HED) for years. It’s also stiffer laterally than a 19mm version. The wider rim suits a wider tire, and that creates tons of benefits from handling and speed to riding comfort. On top of all the increased performance, Jets are all built everyday strong, and that’s why they are a favorite of triathletes and road cyclists at The Cycling House.

The Jet 9 Plus FR is an excellent race wheel, and it happens to be strong enough for everyday use by sub 225lb riders (Stallion build available for real men). As a front wheel they are a good choice for athletes that ride at 25mph or faster in light and medium wind conditions. For those athletes that are riding 25mph or less the front wheel should be reserved for days when the winds are light. The 2015 Jet 9 Plus Flamme Rouge (FR) includes the FR Sonic hubs, which use only the best ABEC.5 bearings so they roll and roll and roll. A grease port is placed in the rear hub body, making it a cakewalk to repack your bearings with fresh grease- keeping them smooth and increased bearing life.