Powertap DT Swiss R460 Rear Wheel

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The PowerTap hubs line has really focused on the electronics and engineering coupled with unparalleled accuracy for a hub powermeter. The G3’s brains have now been fit into the cap on the non-drive side. That might not sound like a big deal, but it is, because if these ever need servicing you’re not losing the whole wheel, just a cap. Now combined with the DT Swiss R460 rim, PowerTap’s training wheel just got better.

Section Height: 24mm
Rear Hub: 28 Hole G3
Front Hub: 24 Hole CycleOps
Weight G3: 1800 grams
Skewers: Included
Width: 23mm
Spoke pattern: Front: radial, Rear: 2x Battery G3: Coin cell 2032 QTY 1
Battery Pro: Coin cell 357 QTY 2