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HED Jet Disc vs. Jet Disc FR


I had a customer ask me the other day what the difference was an I couldn’t really tell him.  If you look at the pictures they are pretty much identical.  Let’s first address the things we all understand.  The HED Jet FR Disc is $300 more and weighs 80...


HED C2 Rim – Tony Martin


The HED C2 Rim is 23mm wide.  This is wider then the usual 19mm rim. Most serious recreational and racing cyclists get there cues from the European Peleton.  Sometimes it takes a couple years, but eventually everything trickles down. The use of wider rims didn’t just show up last...


Brendan Halpin Interview with

Business News | TCH Staff News

Cycling House staffer, Brendan Halpin, recently had an interview with Brendan Halpin has had an amazing season and he's been turning heads ever since his amazing performance at Wildflower in California. Just a few weeks after leaving The Cycling House, Brendan dominated the amateur field and put...


Archives and Calendar added to Cycling House Site

Business News

We now have a TCH Circular archive page on our website. Now you can go back and read any of our previous newsletters.  The “booked” days may still have some open slots so email me your 08/09 inquiries.  Book your spot at The Cycling House for this upcoming season in Tucson,...


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