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Tips for Climbing Mount Lemmon

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It is not a threshold workout.  In most cases you never climb continuously for 2-4 hours.  We are all riding much punchier style climbs.  It’s really hard to replicate what a 2-4 hour effort looks like.  Ironman Triathletes seem to have a beat on this pace.  Regardless, keep it...


Classic Climbs of the Cycling House

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As cyclists, hardly anything holds more allure than the classic climb. Whether long and drawn out or short and punchy, the classic can come in many forms, but it always has a few basic components. It must be challenging enough to be looked forward to with a mixture of...


Missoula to Tucson Trip – Top 5


I’m excited for my first visit to The Cycling House in Tucson. That excitement doesn’t come without some nervousness.  Here are my top 5 thoughts: 5.  Sunburn – I’m very white and the Missoula winter has been kind on my pale skin.  The 80 degree temperatures scare me.  ...


Tucson, Arizona Training Camp Dates

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We’ve had a great 2012 cycling season in Tucson, AZ. We’ve hosted some epic Cycling and Triathlon Training Camps this year. If you want to jump into one of our spring camps we still have a couple spots remaining in April. This could be the perfect way to jump start...


Must-Do Road Rides in Tucson


The Cycling House makes its winter home Tucson, Arizona. Riding in Tucson satiates our ravenous hunger for warm weather riding that only winter can create. Average high temperatures in January and February hover around 70ºF and rain is virtually nonexistent. Tucson roadways have huge well maintained bike lanes- making...


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