We want you to be fully prepared for your cycling & triathlon trip with us. As far as what you should bring to camp, you can view a detailed packing list on every specific trip page. Below you’ll find our FAQ’s, policy information, travel insurance and group discount information. If you have any questions just drop us a line.

Please note: If you recently filled out a signup form on a trip page, you’ll be hearing from us shortly. We’ll be in touch soon! In the mean time, scroll down to learn a little bit more about how to be best prepared for you trip.

Make it Private!

Do you want to put together a cycling or triathlon vacation for your friends but don’t want to deal with the logistics of hotels, good food, ride routes, rental vans, mechanics and everything else that takes the fun out of it? Why not offer your group an amazing experience that they will never forget? Skip the all of the footwork, eating out at mediocre establishments and getting lost. The Cycling House is the smart and easy way to offer a trip to your group.

We’ve hosted a multitude of trips. From coaching services who want to bring their clients together for great one-on-one advice and education, for cycling and triathlon companies who want to get riders familiar with their products, or maybe for groups looking for a fun and healthy retreat, Cycling House is the place to make your trip aspirations happen. We offer a turn-key program for companies and groups to make their dream trip a reality.  Visit our private trip page or contact us.