Ride trail in the Sonoran desert

Join us this winter in Tucson, AZ for a super fun week of riding single-track in the desert around Tucson, AZ. We’re excited to offer a mountain bike camp in this beautiful place that we love showing off and have spent the last 14 years running bike camps. This is your opportunity to get on your MTB in the middle of winter, get a tan, and spend time becoming a better rider with our skills classes. We’ll be basing out of our home base in Tucson so the atmosphere before and after the rides will be as memorable as the rides themselves.

Tucson and the surrounding mountains offer the ideal mountain bike terrain with a variety of routes, sunshine, and beautiful scenery. We’ll cover everything from fast flowing single track to technical climbs and descents. No matter what we ride, the views will be incredible and you’ll be glad you’re on a bike!