HED Jet Disc Plus

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This could be the fastest disc HED has ever made. It’s definitely the fastest disc we’ve ridden here at The Cycling House. This is the first wheel HED offered in 1987. A job well done, but worth doing over. Today the 2015 Jet Disc is the result of over two decades of refinement. The wheel is faster, more durable, lighter, stiffer, and sexier than ever before. If there is a way to save weight or save watts, HED has built it into Jet Disc. Ti skewer and ratchet ring drops weight, plus a grease port in the hub keep things rolling fast and ticking right along season after season.

Jet discs are a hybrid wheel, built with spokes for strength, durability, and longevity. Once the spoked wheel is built, trued, and the stress relieved; carbon disc sides are bonded to the hub, rim, and spokes. With a two part building process, the disc sides can be made lighter and shaped more readily, without losing any strength.

The new disc incorporates a toroidal bulge near the rim and a radius on the large transition leading from the hub to the bulge. These shapes make the Jet Disc not only faster than the standard disc, they make it faster than any other disc, and faster then most competitors tubular discs. Jets are tuned with HED’s proprietary SCT (Stability Control Technology) – adding improved crosswind handling to their stellar ride and cornering characteristics. The 2008 introduction of the C2 platform was a dramatic improvement over HED’s previous designs: aero drag was reduced substantially, and the use of wider tires dramatically improved cornering. Since the introduction of the C2 platform, HED has spent two full years developing SCT, their proprietary rim profile tuning process. Each rim depth is shaped for lowest aero drag and fine-tuned to maximize stability in crosswinds.