Bring on the Snow! Image

Bring on the Snow!


The clouds around Missoula lifted this morning to show off fresh snow on the peaks surrounding the valley.  While we are excited to be able to get on the skis soon, we don’t ever want to completely give up biking for the winter.  Fortunately, with HED’s new wheel we...

PowerBeam Pro Trainer Image

PowerBeam Pro Trainer


With cyclocross season nearing the end, and darker, colder days looming, it is time to start thinking about how you plan to transfer your fall fitness into spring racing.  It is far too easy to lose fitness while you gain weight during the winter, especially when snow is falling...

Top 5 Recovery and Rest Day Tips Image

Top 5 Recovery and Rest Day Tips


I know your busy and you’re trying to get ready for the big race this weekend.  Back when everyone was racing in college you could just go home and take a 2 hour nap, and lounge around.  Those days are gone for most of us.  Days are filled with...

Riding Dirt Roads Image

Riding Dirt Roads

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Over the past couple of years, we’ve started to implement optional dirt road sections on our cycling trips (and even one tri camp). Our cycling trip to Tuscany was the first time we gave the options for our whole group to ride sections of the iconic Strade Bianche (white...

Eat to Win – How our staff fuels up for a big race Image

Eat to Win – How our staff fuels up for a big race


You’ve mounted your new tires, your bike is running perfectly, and months of training are behind you. Don’t overlook a crucial element: your pre-race meal. The Cycling House staff fills you in on their pre-race fueling routines. Ironman Brendan Halpin, Camp Director & Pro Triathlete “I like to eat...

Todd Wells Mountain Bike Camp, January 13 Image

Todd Wells Mountain Bike Camp, January 13

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The Cycling House is proud to offer a week of training and riding with professional mountain biker Todd Wells. This is your opportunity to get on your MTB in the dead of winter, get a tan, and spend time becoming a better rider with one of the most accomplished...

Garmin Forerunner 920XT-What can’t it do? Thumbnail Image

Garmin Forerunner 920XT-What can’t it do?


We all might not be able to race like Timothy O’Donnell, but we now can get the same training feedback. Garmin is just about to release their newest I-can’t-believe-they-fit-all-that-in-a-watch GPS.  Meet the new Forerunner 920XT.  This is a huge upgrade on the popular 910, the first multisport GPS watch on...

Best Cycling Rides in Tucson, AZ Image

Best Cycling Rides in Tucson, AZ

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The Cycling House makes its winter home Tucson, Arizona. Riding in Tucson satiates our ravenous hunger for warm weather riding that only winter can create. Average high temperatures in January and February hover around 70ºF and rain is virtually nonexistent. Tucson roadways have huge well maintained bike lanes- making...

Winter is Approaching Image

Winter is Approaching

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Winter is approaching fast here in Missoula, Montana and we are already starting to dream about desert riding (and riding in shorts!) Give us a call at 406-219-1318 or send us an email today to sign up for one of our Tucson Training Camps.