UPDATE 9/12/2019

The Cycling House is looking for a Full-Time Trip Leader:

We’re searching for a highly motivated, team-oriented camp director (trip leader) to lead and/or guide 14 – 16 week-long trips for our 2020 season.  The ideal candidate is a natural leader that loves working with people and has a flexible annual schedule. There is administrative work that will be required either in the Missoula office or on location.

The Camp Director (trip leader) is one of the most important leadership positions at The Cycling House. The camp director is the leader for both TCH guests and staff, the one who makes the final decisions at camp, and the catalyst who makes an experience great for our guests and staff. 

The end goal for a camp director is to run a successful trip that reflects our company’s values.  It is the camp director’s responsibility to deliver the “Cycling House experience” that we’ve cultivated over the years.  This means the camp director always goes above and beyond our guests’ expectations – which usually comes out in the small “wows” throughout the week and having a personality that can connect with our guests. 

The safety of the riders and our staff is the camp director’s primary concern. Being assertive in a critical situation is a must. In a serious situation, the camp director must make the call and expect staff to execute the plan. 


  1. Assessing and Shaping the Group Dynamic
  2. Great Communication
  3. Effective Management
  4. Leadership
  5. Providing the “Cycling House Experience”

Required skills:

  • Leadership; you enjoy taking charge, executing plans, and seeing groups succeed
  • Responsibility; you enjoy taking on the pressure of guest and staff satisfaction
  • Communicator; oral communication is a must, strong public speaking skills, writing skills are a bonus
  • Athlete; strong athlete, but comfortable within your own skin, and modest
  • Flexible; within your schedule, but also at a camp with changes and new directions
  • Detail Oriented; you hold the big picture of camp but no staff or guest detail is lost on you


$17,500 – $20,000 annual wage (paid out monthly)

An equal share of tips ($11,000 estimate)

Total Estimated Annual Wages for Camp Director = $28,500 – $31,000

Estimated travel and time commitment 

Expect to be on 14 – 16 week-long trips per year. This would be a total work commitment of around 20-22 weeks per year including any administrative work before and after the trip, and communication with our office spread out over the winter, spring, summer, and fall.

The Cycling House is looking for exceptional people who want a unique career that combines destination travel leadership along with the cycling and workouts of a serious endurance athlete. The Cycling House is a world class provider of cycling camps and training weeks for passionate cyclists and triathletes. We operate in a growing number of locations including Tucson, AZ; Solvang, CA; towns throughout Montana; Mallorca, Spain; the French Alps; Provence, France; and Tuscany, Italy.  As a team member you would be responsible for creating memorable training experiences for our guests such as helping them climb Mt. Lemmon or refine descending skills. All of our staff and guides are top caliber and enjoy working hard, training hard, and delivering top quality experiences – which results in deep team and guest relationships. We are looking for leaders who can do a world class job with style and professionalism.

On this page you’ll find guidelines and expectations for our guides, chefs, and other staff.

The ultimate goal as a Cycling House staff member is to provide our guests with an unforgettable cycling travel experience and have a heck of a good time in the process. This job is not easy. We facilitate a warm and welcoming environment where people feel comfortable, encouraged, and supported. Over-communicating with other guides and our clients is imperative and we constantly work on improving the experiences we offer. Ultimately, we want our guests to experience the “essence” of The Cycling House, which you’ll learn all about after joining our team.  We’re the catalyst for our clients’ experiences and it’s our job to deliver our amazing experience and enjoy the ride.

Every team member at our company works toward the above stated goal. The Cycling House is composed of talented, motivated, and fun-loving individuals who are extremely passionate about and dedicated to creating extraordinary experiences for our guests. Fulfilling this commitment is not an easy job, and it’s not for everyone.  Both the challenges and the rewards, are abundant.

It’s ultimately our guides, chefs, and camp directors who have the most impact on our guests’ experiences. We place great focus on and take tremendous pride in the quality and selection of every single one of our staff members.

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