At The Cycling House, it’s our guides, chefs, and trip leaders who have the biggest impact on our guests’ overall experiences. We seek out exceptional people who have a passion for cycling, an affinity for destination travel, and a natural motivation to create extraordinary experiences for other people. We take tremendous pride in the quality and selection of every single one of our staff members, which results in meaningful team and guest relationships.

The Cycling House is a world-class provider of cycling vacations and training weeks in a growing number of locations, including Arizona, California, Montana, Spain, and Italy (you can check out all of our trips here). From encouraging our guests to push to the top of Mount Lemmon to coaching them through a technical descent in Glacier National Park, our staff and guides thrive off of working hard and delivering an unforgettable cycling travel experience to everyone around them—and having a heck of a good time in the process.

Every Cycling House team member goes above and beyond. We pay attention to the smallest of details. We treat guests like family. We ride lots and lots of miles. This job is not easy, and it’s not for everyone. But the challenges are always worth the rewards.

We are looking for leaders who can do a world-class job with style, professionalism, and a fun-loving attitude.

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Thanks for your interest in joining our team. Read below to learn a little bit more about what this job is all about.

Ride on,

Owen Gue, President


With a crew of passionate guides, incredible healthy food, and an insiders’ knowledge of the world’s best cycling destinations, The Cycling House creates a vacation-style getaway that you can’t find anywhere else. We live by a “we take care of everything” approach and a welcome-to-the-family vibe that is sure to re-light the fire in any cyclist.

Current Positions Available

Updated 7/21/2021.

  • We’re looking for cycling guides for our 2022 winter season in Tucson, AZ.
  • Cycling guides and trip leaders in Montana 2022


We are looking for two different types of cycling guides. Do you fall into either of these categories? #1 – A cycling guide with a focus on lifestyle, adventure, and challenge. Are you a person who wants to experience the world, work hard, and travel with a bike? Do you like competing in events but do it more for the fun, social aspect? This is an opportunity for you to cultivate your passion for these parts of your life and continue to improve and grow as an athlete and professional in the travel industry. #2 – Cycling Guide with aspirations of becoming an elite endurance athlete Are you aspiring to become an elite cyclist or triathlete? Our winter training season could fit in well with your off-season and give you valuable deposits into your “base miles bank” for the upcoming season. This is an opportunity for you to work hard, train, and become part of the Cycling House family. We offer many benefits that are valuable in your journey to becoming a top athlete.


The following list of qualifications serves as our outline as we search for exceptional candidates. You’ll see that we have very high expectations for all of our staff – so do The Cycling House guests!  Being a world-class staffer on our team requires a rare combination of talents. Do your skills, experiences and aptitudes enable you to answer “yes” to most of the questions below?

  • Aside from delivering the highest level of quality and service, can you connect with each and every guest? Can you appreciate each person for who they are? Do you possess compassion, patience, and an unwavering sense of humor?
  • Do you possess superb people skills? Do you have a dynamic personality? Are you comfortable carrying on conversations with individuals from all walks of life? Are you able to read social cues and adapt your presentation naturally and easily? Are you confident, caring, warm and friendly?
  • Are you good at anticipating, troubleshooting and solving challenging problems? Can you think on your feet?
  • Can you sustain energy and motivation through long days and difficult (sometimes non-glamorous) tasks?
  • Are you comfortable working in the kitchen? Chopping and prepping food?
  • Are you passionate about—and experienced in—Cycling and/or Triathlon? Is being outside and riding your bike a passion?
  • On the job feedback is vital at The Cycling House. Can you handle constructive criticism?
  • Are you comfortable in a 4 star hotel in Europe? And just as comfortable sleeping on the ground under the stars in Montana?
  • Can you work on a bike if need be? Do you have basic bike maintenance skills?
  • Are you a great communicator? Can you facilitate conversation?
  • Are you ready for an extremely challenging job?  Are you ready to love what you do?


Food is a central part of The Cycling House trips. We provide meals from various cuisines that are enormously appetizing, satisfying, and healthy. Our goal is to support the local community, wherever we are in the world, and that means working with the folks who source the local and regional ingredients. This takes a little bit more time and effort on our end, but it’s worth it when the time comes to enjoy a great meal after a day on the bike. We make food that is specifically for endurance athletes; we focus on healthy, lean proteins, lots of green leafy and root veggies, and plenty of tasty side dishes. Our chefs make dishes that they’ve been inspired by from around the world so each meal will be diverse, interesting, and above all else, delicious! We all eat together, family style, at one big table. We’ve always enjoyed our meals this way and it’s had a profound impact on our camps over the years.


We believe that eating is one of the most enjoyable activities. Thus, we take great care in preparing whole, natural foods with an emphasis on greens and lean protein, and we use sustainable, local, and organic ingredients whenever possible. We also acknowledge that for some people, dietary preferences are not always a choice, but a necessity. Can you answer “yes” to most of the questions below?

  • Can you develop and manage a food budget based on the number of people being served?
  • Are you familiar with the following dietary restrictions and diets: gluten free, paleo, vegetarian, etc?
  • Are you comfortable researching local food options and sourcing local foods when possible?
  • Can you carry on a conversation while cooking?
  • Can you ride your bike for a few hours and quickly jump in the kitchen to prepare a meal?
  • Do you love riding?

Is this for you?

"Every Cycling House team member goes above and beyond. We pay attention to the smallest of details. We treat guests like family. We ride lots and lots of miles. This job is not easy, and it’s not for everyone. But the challenges are always worth the rewards. We are looking for leaders who can do a world-class job with style, professionalism, and a fun-loving attitude." - Owen Gue, President


If you make it on our team, this is a quick glance at what you can expect:

  • Base pay per day
  • Tips shared with the team
  • Cycling kit and gear
  • Travel throughout N. America with the potential of getting on a European team.
  •  12-hour intense Guide Level Medical Emergency Response Certification.
  • Multi-day guide training
  • Annual Staff Retreat, a multi-day off-site retreat filled with riding, playing all sorts of sports and discussing all things Cycling House including our values and our plans for the future
  • Access to our partner accounts including Cervelo, Patagonia, Oakley, 7Mesh and Moots.


To apply, please fill out the form below. After we review your application and supporting documents, we will contact you via email or phone to let you know the next steps.