Giving Back

We love supporting the local communities that we ride in. Whether it’s youth cycling programs in Tucson, Arizona or building trails around Missoula, Montana we love to be involved and help out where we can. Supporting charitable causes and getting more folks on bikes has been an important part of our mission from the beginning.


Montana has become the newest state leagues in the growing National Interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA), an interscholastic mountain biking group in the U.S. This is big, big news for youth cycling in Montana. Montana League Director and Olympian, Sam Schultz is also a long time Cycling House guide and camp director and longtime Missoula, MT childhood friend of Owen Gue, President of The Cycling House. Sam and Owen both remember the days of growing up being young bike racers in Montana. Often times there would be 2 or 3 other juniors to race against in the entire state! This new NICA league changed that and ultimately young riders and racers will have many other peers to compete against, build friendships and camaraderie and have fun! How can you help? NICA MT is predominately funded by private donations so we encourage you to consider supporting NICA MT and the future riders of America. We are so proud to be a supporter of the Montana NICA League!

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El Grupo is a youth cycling organization in Tucson, AZ that provides youth with experiences that are fun, skill-building, and bike centered so that they can acquire the self-confidence and leadership skills to be active and healthy members of the community. We’re a proud Gold Level Sponsor! El Grupo needs funds to continue this important work.

Help Empower Tucson's Youth


RATPOD is a wonderful 126 mile ride with an incredible fundraising effort for Camp Mak-A-Dream. The route is fantastic and the food stops are plentiful and tasty which is probably why Brendan and I pick this ride as one of our top one-day events every year. Why do we support RATPOD? It’s all about bringing Cycling House guests and our staff together for a fun party, big amazing ride in our beautiful home state, and most importantly, support the kids of Camp Mak-A-Dream. We believe in this cause and we’re all in here at TCH! We’ve had many of special moments on this ride over the years. Owen Gue, our President is also on the RATPOD Ride Committee so the more involved we get the more we see first hand what goes into putting this event on and the huge, positive impact that comes from it. Ultimately our goal is to raise money for the kids and create some more lifetime memories with the amazing friends that travel with us at The Cycling House.

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MTB Missoula is a leader in the mountain bike community in Montana. The organization ensures the sustainability of existing trail resources, provides sustainable trail building expertise and serves as a unifying voice for the mountain bike community in the Missoula area. MTB Missoula is dedicated to advocating for mountain biking in the region, and embraces this goal as an expert voice in the technical aspects of sustainable trails, through community outreach and events, and through rider and youth education. Our team at the Cycling House is proud to be involved with the great work that the folks at MTB Missoula are doing. Not only is this where many of our guides and staff grew up riding, but it’s also our headquarters and the heart and soul of The Cycling House.

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MT Alpha Women’s Cycling Group – MT Alpha Cycling is the region’s first premier women’s cycling team. We are dedicated to promoting the beauty and freedom of being a woman on a bike.

MT Alpha Cycling

Zootown Derailleurs – This is a city of Missoula co-rec skills-based program. Zootown Derailleurs (ZTD) has exploded onto the cycling scene in the Missoula valley.

Zootown derailleurs - Missoula, MT

*Photo Credit: Nica MT – Seth Neilson