Our mission is to provide our guests with an unforgettable cycling and triathlon experience that they can’t get any where else in the world. We do this by providing superior customer service, extensive knowledge of endurance sports and an environment that fosters relationships through riding bikes and exploring new places. We love what we do and want to share these experiences with those that travel with us. 

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Based in Missoula, The Cycling House (“TCH”) uniquely brings that special Montana spirit into every trip – throughout various US and European destinations. We are highly selective of everyone who works here as we only bring on staff members who share our values and passions in life. This enables us to build and preserve unmatched teamwork and culture that is essential for having the types of top-notch experiences that our clients have come to expect.


All of our guides are accomplished athletes who equally excel in their care and concern for each and every client. And having a dedicated in-house chef assures consistency in providing delicious and nutritious food, every day. The “we take care of everything” approach – from the moment our clients arrive on their trip – empowers our guests to be totally “selfish” for a whole week where they can focus on riding, exploring, learning and soaking up the experience that we’ve delivered for over 11 years. In every one of our trips, you hone your cycling and triathlon skills, discover how to break through your current limits, and derive a memorable life-enhancing experience that endures long after the trip is over.


We started the Cycling House in 2005 to provide cyclists and triathletes a home away from home in which to train during the winter months. Our trips are for folks who are passionate about riding bikes (and swimming and running) and are looking for a great week of putting on productive miles coupled with a vacation as well.  After years of riding through Montana winters in pursuit of our professional racing careers we knew first-hand how cold and training-prohibitive the winters can be in colder climates and we wanted to give fellow endurance athletes the opportunity to ride in warmth and sunshine for a few days. We found Tucson, Arizona to be head and shoulders above the rest of country because of its superb winter weather, beautiful landscape, strong outdoor culture, and incredible training rides like Mount Lemmon. Since then we’ve expanded our offerings to include new locations around the globe that we feel will provide athletes with the same top-notch experience but offer something different as well. 


We are now into our 11th season! We’ve hosted hundreds of cyclists and triathletes and delivered our experience across the globe. We’ve expanded our trip destinations in the U.S. to include: Montana, California, Arizona, North Carolina and Utah.  In Europe we have cycling and triathlon trips in Mallorca, Tuscany and we also do some custom/private trips in the Alps and Provence. We look forward to riding with you soon!

Real Food, Made Fresh

Real food that tastes great is a cornerstone on our trips.

Real food that tastes great is a cornerstone on our trips.

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