The Cycling House Approach

With a crew of passionate guides, incredibly good food and an insiders’ knowledge of the world’s best cycling destinations, The Cycling House creates a vacation-style getaway that you can’t find anywhere else. We live by a “we take care of everything” attitude and a welcome-to-the-family vibe that is sure to re-light the fire in any cyclist.

Our Story

We started The Cycling House in 2005 to provide cyclists a sunny home away from home in Tucson during the winter months. Born from a passion for exploring the world on two wheels, we’ve since expanded to include trips throughout the U.S. – including our home base of Montana and abroad in Spain and Italy.


We realize your time off is precious, and we want to make the most of that. Our goal is to push the boundaries of what you may think of as a typical cycling trip. We strive to wow our guests with our extensive knowledge of endurance sports, an over-the-top attention to detail and an environment that fosters friendships through riding bikes, exploring new places and great food! Everyone who works for The Cycling House shares our values and passions in life: We love to ride and share that enthusiasm with other cyclists.


We want our guests to have a wonderful experience. All of our guides are accomplished athletes who make it easy for riders to simply focus on riding, exploring, learning and soaking up local experiences without worrying about all the trip details. During each of our trips, we help guests hone their cycling skills, get out on an adventure and create life-enhancing experiences they’ll remember long after the trip is over. You can count on us to be your ride partners, photographers, teachers and support crew.

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We focus on running world-class cycling trips in destinations we know extremely well and have formed a deep connection with. We believe we deliver a cycling experience that our guests can't get anywhere else. In North America, our destinations include Arizona, California, and our home state of Montana. In Europe, we travel through Italy, including Tuscany and Spain.

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People come together through food, and being able to eat good meals together is an important part of The Cycling House experience. Our chefs create delicious, seasonal meals specifically for endurance athletes (we’ve often been told riders eat better during camp than they do all year). Breakfast, lunch and dinner are all included and typically served family-style at one big table to foster camaraderie. Whether it’s a taco night in Tucson or an authentic Italian pasta dinner in Tuscany, each meal is inventive and diverse.


From a mountain lodge in Montana to a spacious retreat in Tucson and a boutique hotel on the Spanish island of Mallorca, our accommodations are intentionally selected to make the most of each destination. Picture yourself jumping into an infinity pool at the end of a challenging ride (Tucson) or tasting the wood-fired pizza from a 500-year-old oven at a bed-and-breakfast (Tuscany). All of our accommodations are centrally located to take advantage of the best local routes.


Not sure whether to bring your own bike or rent? We make either option easy and can help guide you through your decision. If you want to bring your own bike, we’ll help you build it up, break it down and make any necessary adjustments to get you on the road. Our top-of-the-line rentals are well-equipped for each Cycling House destination and allow you to just show up and ride. Need a quick bike fix? Our collection of tools rivals most bike shops.