Our mission is to provide our guests with an unforgettable experience that they can’t get anywhere else in the world. We do this by providing over-the-top customer service, extensive knowledge of endurance sports, and, most importantly, an environment that fosters relationships through riding bikes, enjoying great food, and exploring new places. Our goal is to push the boundaries of what most riders think a “typical cycling trip” is, and to really WOW our guests. We’re passionate about what we do. 

About Us1

Based in Missoula, The Cycling House (TCH) brings that unique Montana spirit into each of our trips – throughout the U.S., South America, and Europe. We are highly selective of employees and hire staff members who share our values and passions in life. This enables us to build and preserve unmatched teamwork and a culture that is essential for providing top-notch experiences that our clients have come to expect.


All of our guides are accomplished athletes who excel in their care and concern for each and every client. We have a dedicated, in-house chef assures consistency in providing freshly prepared, delicious food every day (more about our food below). The “we take care of everything” approach, that begins the moment our guests arrive, empowers our riders to be totally “selfish” for a whole week and focus on riding, exploring, learning and soaking up the experiences. In every one of our trips, guests hone their cycling and triathlon skills, discover how to break through limits, and derive a memorable life-enhancing experience that endures long after the camp is over.


We started the Cycling House in 2005 to provide cyclists and triathletes a home away from home in which to ride in the sunshine during the winter months. Our trips are for folks who are passionate about riding bikes (and swimming and running) and are looking for a great week of putting on base miles coupled with a vacation.  You don’t have to be an aspiring pro-rider to come ride with us. We encourage all ability levels to contact us to find the best trip for them. After years of riding through Montana winters in pursuit of our professional racing careers we know first-hand how cold and training-prohibitive the winters can be in colder climates and we wanted to give fellow endurance athletes the opportunity to ride in warmth and sunshine for a few days. We found Tucson, Arizona to be head and shoulders above the rest of the country because of its superb winter weather, beautiful landscape, strong outdoor culture, and incredible training rides like Mount Lemmon. Since then we’ve expanded our offerings to include new locations around the globe that we feel will provide riders with the same top-notch experience that we started with in Tucson. We’ve hosted hundreds of cyclists, triathletes, and just adventure riders and delivered our signature experience across the globe. We look forward to riding with you soon!


Real Food, Made Fresh

Real food that tastes great is a cornerstone on our trips.

Real food, prepared fresh is a cornerstone on all of our trips.

For us, the food that we provide at camp is equally as important as a great day on the bike. At the camps where we cook all of the meals, we strive to offer seasonal ingredients whenever possible. Our goal is to support the local community, wherever we are in the world, and that means working with the folks who source the local and regional ingredients.  This takes a little bit more time and effort on our end, but it’s worth it when the time comes to enjoy a great meal after a day on the bike.  We make food that is specifically for endurance athletes; we focus on healthy, lean proteins, lots of green leafy and root veggies, and plenty of tasty side dishes. Our chefs make dishes that they’ve been inspired by from around the world so each meal will be diverse, interesting, and above all else, delicious! We all eat together, family style, at one big table. We’ve always enjoyed our meals this way and it’s had a profound impact on our camps over the years.  You can count on us to cover all the meals during your stay (even if we go out to eat). We end up going out to eat a little more at some trip locations, so check out each trip page for details. Drop us a line and we can send an example of our camp menu.

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