We’re nothing without our reputation. Sometimes it’s good to be talked about. See what riders from all over–just like you–are saying about The Cycling House.


  • Just back from Tour De Montana 2014. These guys just know how to outdo themselves. Great riding, great group, phenomenal staff who are having as much fun as everyone, and wonderful food to look forward to every meal. The support on the rides is second to none, which is great on long days. There is really nothing to say other than accolades in all ways.- Peter
  • I have attended two camps in Tucson and loved each time, so much that I have signed up for a third. The staff is what makes the experience - they accommodate different riding abilities without complaint and make everyone feel welcome and comfortable. The accommodations and food have always been first rate as well and the experience is a welcome relief from the cold Northeast. I can't recommend them enough and hope to try their other camps in Europe and California as well.- Thomas


  • Detail-oriented, down to earth, buttoned up, intensely client-focused, super knowledgeable about nutrition, training, and the routes they guide. These guys are pros, but not only that, they are a lot of fun!- Heidi
  • Great value for a fully supported, class act group that makes your cycling experience truly elite.- Rob
  • 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012. Looking forward to 2015. Clearly TCH is the best at what they do.- Edward
  • The Cycling House provides an amazing cycling and living experience. I rely on their camps to boost my fitness level and performance, and am never disappointed.- Grant


  • It doesn't get any better than how the folks at The Cycling House organize and conduct their tours. The people are world class, to say nothing of being exuberant about cycling and touring on a bike, the routes are well planned and masterfully supported (they always seem to be there when needed--how do they do that?), and the food is five star. TCH's pride in providing 'the ultimate training experience' is right on and well earned in all respects.- Peter, West Hartford, CT
  • The Cycling House provides accommodation for all of it's particpants in one well-designed, enormous house. It is a great forum to get to know others, but there is space for privacy if that is desired. Meals (which are excellent) are taken together- also great for getting to know fellow participants. You can do as much or as little as you want and they will tailor the cycling to your requirements. They really accomodate making it work for YOU. No pressure.- Matt, Seattle, WA