Last week I had the privilege meet and ride with Michael Horvath, CEO of Strava and Jordan Kobert, who heads up their business development. Within a few minutes of riding with these two, I quickly realized that they’re just as much in love with riding bikes as we are at The Cycling House. Cycling is their passion and their life.  Through that passion, Michael and the Strava Team have created an incredibly cool product that now supports cyclists, runners, swimmers and beyond.

Owen and Michael at the top of Hawk Hill. Photo by Jordan

The company culture oozes an atmosphere of health and a desire to be active and the people that work there are cyclists, mountain bikers, runners, swimmers, hikers, skiers, and on and on. They love what they’re doing and it was fun to see all of the great things going on there.

Strava HQ. A busy place with bike shoes, helmets and messenger bags littered throughout the room.

The Cycling House staff uses Strava and now we plan to build their platform into many different elements of TCH.  If you use Strava then checkout and join our newly created Cycling House Strava Club. You can post rides and runs to the club and see what Brendan Halpin and Sam Schultz are doing for intervals :)

The Strava boys leading Owen over the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco

We’ll be sending out more updates on how we’ll be using Strava at our cycling and triathlon training camps in Tucson and beyond. To get ready for your camp in Tucson, join our Strava club and start virtually riding with us everyday. All you need is a Garmin, ibike or a smart phone (iPhone or droid). As always, if you have questions about using Strava feel free to drop us a line. We’d love to hear from you.
Happy Riding,
Owen Gue