If you’ve been to a Cycling House camp over the past 2 years then you’ve met Jura. Jura is our workhorse espresso machine and has become an integral part of The Cycling House team. She’s usually working late, after most have gone to bed and is always the first (or second) one up every morning. We checked out the input numbers that Jura has been keeping track of over the past 21 months and this is what we found.


Our Jura Espresso Machine – By The Numbers

Months in Operation – 21

Single Espresso Shot – 1299

Double Espresso Shot – 876

Single Americano – 3198

Double Americano – 1066

Cappuccino – 1113

Decaf – 89 (this number is too high!)

Total Cafe Drinks – 7662!

Thanks Jura! You Rock!