2021 By The Numbers – Reflecting on a wonderful year at TCH

We’ve wrapped up a big year at The Cycling House, and I want to thank all of our guests for being part of the TCH family. If you’ve traveled with us in the past, you know firsthand that it’s the people who make The Cycling House Experience so special. I want you to know how much we appreciate the love and support. Thank you!

To wrap up 2021, we wanted to share a few stats with you from our year.

TCH 2021 By The Numbers:

14,598 – Miles covered on TCH trips. 

6,813 – Number of coffee drinks our Jura espresso machine made this year.

55 – Age difference between our youngest staffer, Landon, and oldest staffer, Jim.

Both are young at heart and fantastic people.

16 – Grizzly bear sightings this summer in Montana.

Between our MT Gravel trips, Glacier to Yellowstone tour or the Glacier Park road camp, we saw a lot of wildlife!

86 – Number of flat tires we had.

0 – Number of tubes we threw away this year due to our fear of not being able to order more :)

483 – Number of pizzas we fired in the wood fired oven.

23 – Number of days in a row that Owen ate pizza in Tuscany this fall. 

7 – Number of guests who jumped in the Pacific Ocean on our Solvang trip (It’s cold!)

27 – Number of total group ascents up Mount Lemmon in Tucson, AZ

3 – Number of Tuscan cooking classes the Palazo a Merse family organized for us in Italy.

20 – Brant Grifka’s total number of TCH trips attended since 2013!

He hit the big 2-0 at the Tucson El Tour de Tucson trip.

Most Trips Attended (all-time) – TCH Top 10

  1. Frank B. – 33 trips
  2. Dan M. 27 trips
  3. David R. – 24 trips
  4. Brant G. – 20
  5. Mark B. – 17
  6. Tom E. 17
  7. Boomer – 16
  8. Donna P. – 14
  9. Beth G. – 14
  10. DJ B. – 14

We’d like to express our gratitude for ALL of the amazing folks that choose to travel and ride bikes with us. Whether you’ve ridden with us on 1 trip or 30 trips, we’re thankful that you’re part of the TCH family. We’re looking forward to riding with you again in the future!

23 – Number of trips Chloe Rice worked in 2021!

From Tucson to Solvang to Montana to Italy, Chloe did it all and earned our Workhorse award.

Shout-out to the entire TCH team!

A close runner-up was chef Steven with 17 trips!  Brendan Halpin ran 11 trips, which is very impressive with his office responsibilities. Jim Bruskewitz and James Farrugia rounded out the top 5 by working 10 trips each.

A HUGE thank you to the entire TCH team for the love, care and effort they put into each trip. If you’ve been on a TCH trip, you know how incredible this crew is!

At TCH, Teamwork makes the dreamwork!

Final Number: 0 – Number of guests we’ve lost… for ever ;)

Thanks for reading and we hope you’re having a wonderful Holiday Season with family and friends. We’ll see y’all in 2022!

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