June Camper Update

Milt Gillespie of Boise, ID has been putting down the hammer in Idaho ever since he left The Cycling House this winter.  Milt arrived at TCH sick with a nasty cold, tired from staying up all night due to flight delays, and in dire need of some quality bike time.  Seven days later Milt was bright eyed and bushy tailed, ready to go take on the world.  Milt took part in the HED Wheel demo program provided by The Cycling House.  He also used the new Garmin edge 705 and the forerunner 310xt. Even though he had minimal training leading up to his trip, Milt was incredibly strong and I knew he had a great season to look forward to.  Milt won his age group in his first TT in March and would have nearly won the pro race too, had he been in their category!  Milt’s been racing nearly every weekend and is continuing to show off his fitness that he started building up this winter down in Tucson.


 Here’s Lenny Katz in New York running the lead out train (pain train) for his teammates.  Lenny came down to The Cycling House for some serious training in Tucson, AZ for about a week in March to escape the cold New York North East climate.  Lenny put in some huge base miles when he was training with us and now has been racing in the Pro-1-2-3 category in NY and has been building a reputation for his “work horse” like abilities and selfless acts for his teammates.  Keep it up Lenny!