A Great Season

Welcome to the first edition of the Cycling House Newsletter.  This will be a fun, interesting, and informative periodical with a variety of different elements.

With our Cycling House newsletter, you will be able to stay up to speed on new and exciting developments as we continue to grow and expand our business.  You’ll be able to follow Sam Schultz, Andy Schultz, Owen Gue, and Brendan Halpin and Jen Luebke as they travel and race all over the globe throughout this upcoming season.  We will have race results from other Cycling House campers as well, so feel free to send us your pictures and race results to be included.  We’ll have great information on HED Wheels, Saris Cycleops Powertap and Garmin GPS units.  We hope that you enjoy this newsletter and that you find something in every issue that will effect you in a positive way.


Owen, Elisabeth, Brendan, Sam, and Andy

Closing the Door By Andy Schultz

It’s that time of year.  Time to watch the snow recede and the flowers bloom.  Time to put away that winter coat and grab the sunscreen.  Or, in the case of Tucson, watch the sun turn the desert into an oven.

In an effort to avoid the extreme temperatures in Tucson, the door is going to swing shut for a final time this Cycling House season very soon.But before that happens, let’s take a quick retrospective look at the events that transpired this year in Tucson.

Owen arrived in Tucson fresh off a surf trip to Costa Rica in November. Surfing must’ve been on his mind because he couch-surfed for over two weeks at a friends house until he found the perfect house for the 07/08 Cycling House season.  I came down from Durango quickly after Owen found the house and we spent the rest of November creating the ultimate house for cyclists and triathletes to train, rest, recover, and most importantly, have fun.

The first camper arrived in late November.  Luckily he was one of the most patient guys that we have met because during his stay he not only had to put up with the rainiest period that I’ve seen in Tucson (three days of near non-stop rain), he also endured a leaky roof, and a backed-up sewer line, and still didn’t even bat an eye after I discovered that we were missing a front wheel after a 40 minute shuttle to go mountain biking.

After that first rough week, we settled into the house and were able to run the operation like a well-oiled machine for the rest of the year.  Sam, our resident “might make the Olympic Mountain Bike Team” rider, and Brendan, our resident pro triathlete who “runs like a gazelle”, both showed up in early January.  Shortly after that, Elisabeth, Owen’s sister, arrived and showed us all what hard work is.

Between riding, cooking, cleaning, and hanging out with some of the best people we have ever met, the winter flew by.  Some highlights included watching Brendan eat an entire cake in one sitting, seeing Owen invent new breakfast dishes (some of you may have been lucky enough to find a “Cycling House Sunrise” on your plate), multiple rousing games of darts, margarita filled fiestas after the Hammer Camps, and lastly watching Brian Frank (proprietor of Hammer Nutrition) dominate everybody in a late night road bike wheelie contest.

Speaking of Brian, and the Hammer Camps, we have to thank Hammer Nutrition for all of their support this winter.  Hammer Nutrition has provided T.C.H. with the highest quality nutritional products since we started three years ago.  On behalf of the staff, it’s our pleasure to use their fuels and supplements and to educate our campers on how to fuel properly.  Hammer Nutrition held four camps at The Cycling House this year and every single one was a huge success.  Having a great company like Hammer Nutrition behind us all the way has helped us grow as individual athletes and as a business.

All of us at The Cycling House want to say thanks for staying with us this winter.  You are the reason we do this.  We enjoyed all of your enthusiasm, passion, and good company.  Hopefully we’ll be riding together again next winter.  Until then, enjoy the spring and summer and good luck in your races.


Andy Schultz

The Cycling House is an all-inclusive training destination for cyclists, triathletes, runners, and all other endurance athletes.  Our goal is to give athletes the best training experience of their life by providing the best food, amazing rides, comfortable accommodations, and an extremely talented, helpful, and fun staff.  The Cycling House offers the full line of HED wheels, Garmin GPS units, and Cycleops PowerTap units.  We are well versed in Hammer Nutrition products and serve freshly brewed 53×11 Coffee daily.  Brave Soldier products are throughout the house.


Owen Gue