A Journey Between Two Iconic Parks; Glacier National Park to Yellowstone National Park

Montana is the backyard that most of our staff grew up with. Some of our favorite pastimes, or not so much pastimes are; epic bike rides, camping and hanging with friends. It sounds pretty simple, because it is. We wanted to share the things that we love with folks on a route between Glacier & Yellowstone National Parks. A point to point trip is a huge challenge to host but a very satisfying way to travel by bike. The miles traveled between these two iconic parks lives up to the Montana slogan of; high, wide and handsome. The Glacier to Yellowstone camp is an unforgettable experience that offers an unique opportunity to disconnect and enjoy the simplicity and beauty of Montana. Welcome to our 2nd annual Glacier to Yellowstone camp!

Cycling Montana Vacation Glacier

Unfortunately as soon as we say the words camping; some folks run straight for their warm cozy beds and hide under the covers. The good news is, the gear for sleeping outside has improved immensely, especially if you have not camped in 10+ years. We make the process simple, you can rent the camping gear from us, we set up the tent  and you break it down in the morning. Once you overcome your fear of sleeping on the ground, you get to the best part. Our journey includes; chef prepared campfire gourmet meals, Big Sky Brewing beer, 10 Speed Coffee and Le Petit Outre pastries. Our chefs get creative and never cease to amaze us with delicious meals along the way. If waking up to freshly brewed coffee, pastries and Chef Drew cooking up eggs to order isn’t a perfect morning, I don’t know what is.   Dining under the Big Sky for a week is unique in itself.  For most, this is their longest stretch in life spent outside.  Our trips inside to shower, do laundry or going into a store might be the only time that we spend indoors.  Many evenings are spent around the campfire rehashing our rides and enjoying each others company.  For those that make it to dark, they will be greeted with an amazing display of nature as the stars light the sky._dsc0504

The day to day process is simple yet very satisfying and relaxing.  Our campsites offer a place to unwind and quickly become home.  The landscape changes each day but the amenities that the staff mysteriously prepare at each overnight remain almost the same.   The miles covered each day leave you begging for whats next.  Going to the Sun highway in Glacier National Park comes at the beginning of our week and is truly a bucket list ride.  The surprising part is that most campers discover other sections along our route that they enjoyed more or just as much as Going to the Sun highway.  The route is challenging, but doable with the proper training leading into the trip.  If you are looking for a unique summer adventure in what we consider one of the most beautiful states, then Glacier to Yellowstone might be for you! Check out the trip page here.