An Update on The Cycling House

I wanted to update everybody on how we’re doing at The Cycling House. Many of you have reached out to check in on us during these challenging times. We feel the love! Just like you, our TCH world changed quickly. We’ve had to make hard decisions. We’ve created new plans, and some back-up plans for those plans. It’s by far the most challenging and dynamic situation we’ve ever had to work through in our 15-year history. 

There are two things that are getting us through this. First is our team – the trip leaders, guides, chefs and the crew in the office. I’ve always believed we have the best team on Earth, and seeing this crew’s resilience and adaptation to the current situation is proof we have an exceptional group of people at TCH who will keep us moving in the right direction. 

The second thing that’s getting us through this is you, our guests. Many of you were booked on an upcoming trip that had to be canceled and rescheduled and you rolled your deposit to a future trip – this is hugely helpful for us. Others are asking about our future trips and already making plans and reservations for our 2020 and 2021 trips. Thank you for believing in us! We are so damn grateful for the support! The team and I are more motivated than ever to treat you to a wonderful TCH experience in the future.

All in all, we’re good. We have a great team and amazing guests like you who care about us – the TCH Family. We are fully prepared to weather this thing, and we’ll be here to host you on your next cycling adventure – when the time is right. This will pass, and I know all of us are looking forward to that! In the meantime, stay healthy, be resilient and do what you can to help others.