Be a Cycling Rock Star

Earlier this month, Peter Sagan stole the show at the inaugural UCI Cycling Gala when he showed up at the Abu Dh-bi black tie event wearing a leather jacket and motorcycle boots.

According to Cycling News, he “punched the air” as he collected his framed rainbow jersey from the UCI president Brian Cookson. Later on in the evening he broke the glass of the frame and put on the World Champion jersey for some photo ops.

“I’m very proud of the rainbow jersey and I hope I can be a good world champion. This jersey is maybe a bit heavy but I will try to do my best,” Sagan said.

Why is the Cycling House reporting on this? Well, I think there’s a lesson to be learned here. Aren’t we all cycling rock stars at heart? We may not all be World Champions, but we all have our own goals, and it’s fair to revel in our own successes! So display those finisher’s medals, tell your friends about your PRs. Heck, smash some glass if you want to! Success is hard won, and we deserve to celebrate it!

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Sarah Raz, PC: