Cheers To Bikes Everywhere!

By Owen Gue, President & Owner of The Cycling House

My best days in life have almost always included a bike. My worst days rarely have. A coincidence? I don’t think so.

The last 12 months had many of us reflecting on the past and pondering an uncertain future. When I did this exercise – many times over – I kept circling back to my bike and being incredibly thankful to have one!

When I was 18 years old, I took a semester off from studying at the University of Montana and moved to Maui for the winter to guide bike rides and train for racing. I left home and found myself in a new world, realizing quickly that riding a bike was, by far, the best way to get my head straight, solve problems, daydream and experience the world.

The bike has been my solid foothold, my compass, and sometimes even my own rocket ship – at least for a few seconds when the legs are feeling good! :)

It’s introduced me to my best friends, my mentors and my life partner.

It’s the linchpin for The Cycling House Family, and I’ve seen life-long relationships form that would otherwise never exist if it weren’t for the bike.

Bikes are a conduit that links good people together, and I believe relationships are strongest when a bike is involved.

My bike has brought me to incredible places all over the world. It has given me countless adventures and provided lessons that could never be purchased or learned in the confines of a classroom.

Better yet, bikes pair perfectly with a post-ride margarita or cerveza.

Let’s all give a big, hearty cheers to our bikes! We’ll see y’all out there with smiles, pedaling away in 2021.

– Owen Gue