Dan the Intern: Big plans, little time.

You’re busy, I’m busy, so why should you use your few precious minutes to read my blog about having no time to train? I already know there are hundreds of blogs like this. Read mine to hear how I manage being a full-time student with three jobs, a girlfriend, a messy room and a kickass internship. Hopefully my tips and tricks on how to fit in training will help all of you in your own busy lives. If nothing else, laugh at how little time we all have and enjoy the process.

I’m going to bring you 8 installments of time saving training hacks that get me on top of a podium and home for dinner early. The topics ranging from how to meal prep to actually making it out of the bed when your alarm goes off. Experiences from my pain cave to yours.

Quick facts about me

  • 25 triathlons under my belt, all american status
  • I will do about anything for pancakes
  • I actually dream about bikes and biking societies
  • I have a favorite pair of jean shorts I bring to most races
  • most prized possession is a black rock I’ve had since I was 5

-Dan Mazza

TCH Intern