Join us on a virtual group ride!

Group riding is a big part of TCH life. During these times group riding is not a safe outlet. That said, we can still connect and spend time pedaling and sweating together, virtually. On Thursday, we’re hosting a Zwift group and we’d love to have you join us!

Join us on a virtual group ride! “Cycling House” is hosting the Zwift ride every Thursday, at 4 pm and 5:30pm (MST). You’ll also pedal with a bunch of TCH guests, Brendan Halpin, Owen Gue, and many of the guides.

We will be hosting a group ride every Thursday, making sure we do a different route every time. We’ll send the invite, format, and route at the beginning of every week.

Details on how to join the ride:

1) The ride is on Zwift. If you are new to Zwift, contact me via email to get set up, [email protected]. You can also visit for more details.

2) To join The Cycling House group ride you must download the Zwift Companion App on your phone. This is different than the normal Zwift App. Once downloaded, follow these directions to get it synced with your computer. This took me a second to figure out, but basically you need to have your computer and phone on the same internet connection and run the app and the computer at the same time. They should sync. If you already have the Zwift Companion App, skip to step 3.

3) Once you are in the Zwift Companion App on your phone click the menu in the top left and select “Find Zwifters.” Type in my name “Cycling House” and then click the + icon to add. We will get a notification that you followed us and we will invite you to the private group ride, Thursday at 4 pm or 5:30 pm. Let us know if you have a time preference, or we’ll fill up the 4 pm first and then move to the 5:30 pm.

4) Now you’ve followed us and you want to attend this week’s ride, here are your next steps. Accept the invitation we send you to ride within the Zwift Companion App. At 3:45 pm or 5:15 pm this Thursday, log in to Zwift like you normally would, also log in to Zwift Companion on your phone. A notification on you Zwift Computer will show up saying “Join Meetup,” click “let’s go!”. You must enter a Zwift World in order for the invitation to show up. So, join a Zwift ride that physically puts your avatar in a world and then warm up and wait for the invitation to show up. Your avatar will be taken directly to the start of the ride and I’ll be warming up with you. The ride will leave sharply at 4 pm or 5:30 pm and unfortunately they won’t let you join in later.

We will be running a separate audio link on Discord. Here is the link for invite I will also use the Zwift text chat function to send messages.

In an attempt to keep group riders together, we are going to all wear the “standard orange” jersey. You need to visit your Zwift Garage and swap jerseys. It won’t automatically do it for you.

We will ride, we will sweat, and we will enjoy each other’s virtual company.

We’re looking forward to riding with you!