Look 795 Light Image

Look 795 Light

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2016 Look 796 Light Pro Team We just built this bike up for a customer.  We were really impressed with our first build in the 2016 Look Line-up.  It’s billed as having all the comfort and weight savings of other high end bikes, with the advantage being the aerodynamics.  Look...

Bri Lui to Lead Women’s Solvang Workshop Image

Bri Lui to Lead Women’s Solvang Workshop

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The Cycling House is happy to announce that Bri Lui will be guiding and speaking at our Solvang Women’s Camp, March 20-March 25. Bri is set to provide a clinic on Sleep and the Woman’s Hormone Cycle: the effect on exercise, recovery, and athletic performance. Bri Lui lives  Missoula,...

Our Glacier Cycling Tour – Map & Route Image

Our Glacier Cycling Tour – Map & Route


Our Glacier Park Cycling Tour is our most popular summer bike trip in 2016. Riding the Going-to-the-Sun Road is spectacular and cycling the East side of Glacier Park is equally as beautiful. This is one of the few trips we offer that has a lower daily average mileage (~40...

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Our Favorite Instagram Posts

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We’re usually riding our bikes in some pretty amazing spots. Follow us on Instagram to see what we’re up to and where we’re at. Below are a few of our favorite posts from our cycling and triathlon trips. Homemade pizza night at the Cycling House. Thanks for the pizza...

Classic Climbs of the Cycling House Image

Classic Climbs of the Cycling House

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As cyclists, hardly anything holds more allure than the classic climb. Whether long and drawn out or short and punchy, the classic can come in many forms, but it always has a few basic components. It must be challenging enough to be looked forward to with a mixture of...