Pinarello Bikes: Now at the Cycling House

We are excited to announce that the Cycling House is now the newest Pinarello dealer. Pinarello has a long history of producing quality carbon bikes that have been ridden to victory in the Grand Tours and by the everyday amateur. With lightweight, stiff, strong frames, Pinarello bikes are hard to beat when it comes to combining comfort with performance. We are happy to offer Pinarello alongside our other quality brands, BH, Look, Moots, and Ritchey.

So what makes Pinarello unique? In today’s high-end bike market innovation is everywhere. But Pinarello continues to be on the cutting edge of development and was the first company to successfully design an asymmetric frame. Because power placed on pedals is equal on both right vs. left sides of the bike, but is then transferred to the right side of the bike, Pinarello engineers found that a symmetric frame lost efficiency when it came to propelling a bike down the road. The asymmetric frame accounts for the unequal power distribution and created a more efficient frame so every iota of power out of your legs is put to good use.

If you are looking for a premium race bike, look no further than the Dogma F8. As the bike of choice for Team Sky, this is race tested and a proven winner. It’s light. It’s responsive. It’s fast. For the utmost in performance, the Dogma F8 is your new ride.

For the bike that can do it all we recommend the Rokh. This bike will still get you through any race, but is still forgiving enough for the grind of daily training. With the standard ultegra build the Pinarello Rokh is already set-up and ready to go as a high quality one-quiver bicycle.

In addition to the Dogma F8 and the Rokh, Pinarello offers a wide range of exceptional frames that will fit your style of riding. Whether you’re looking for a road bike, cyclocross bike (the Pinarello FCX Hydro) or the latest and greatest cross country mountain bike (Pinarello Dogma XC 9.9) there is a Pinarello for you. Why shouldn’t you ride the best?

Give us a call or email today to discuss which Pinarello would be best for you, 406-219-1318.