Reflecting On 13 years in Mallorca by Owen Gue

While riding to the iconic Formentor in Mallorca a few days ago, I realized that somehow 10 years had gone by since I’ve ridden in this beautiful place. That means this is The Cycling House’s 13th year anniversary guiding trips in Mallorca, Spain. How time flies!

Cycling in Mallorca brought back so many memories, and I actually get emotional thinking about it. Mallorca is the first place we ever ran a trip outside of the United States, and those early years were formative for me personally as well as for TCH.

Paper Maps, Sa Callobra and Muchos Cortados

On those first trips in Mallorca, everything felt brand new so learning fast was a necessity. We had paper maps in our back pockets and we were, without a doubt, in way over our heads…and it was awesome! Most of the guests on that trip I knew well and they, like me, loved all things Mallorca. We relished the descent down Sa Callobra, stuffed ourselves on homemade paella, soaked up the many views of the Mediterranean and drank way too many cortados every day. I just knew this was a place we’d keep coming back to year after year to share what Mallorca offers with even more members of our Cycling House Family.

Dialing In Our Mallorca Cycling Experience

Brendan came with me the next two years as we dialed in the itinerary, built the team and honed in on the overall trip experience. In the years that followed, I gravitated towards Cycling House trips in Italy while Brendan focused on Mallorca. Brendan and the team took many steps forward, but I think the biggest one was building a relationship with Petit Alaro Hotel and Mauro and his family. Nestled up against the Serra de Tramuntana mountains, the town of Alaro is a wonderful little village. The iconic bike shop, Cycling Planet, is right down the road and there are a handful of little pubs, restaurants and shops to check out. The Cycling House Family in Mallorca has grown – and now returning after nearly a decade – I believe the experience is the best it’s ever been. Our 5-star guest reviews in Mallorca reflect my belief that it genuinely is a special trip for cyclists.

For me, riding on these roads again and reflecting on where we’ve been makes me feel truly thankful. Mallorca is one of our most popular trips: we’re offering more dates each year, and there is no question why that is.  Our team looks forward to sharing this very special and unique TCH experience with our guests for a long time to come. We’ll keep pushing ourselves to make it even better…all while drinking too many cortados.