Linsey Corbin


At The Cycling House Since: 2023 Hometown: Bend, Oregon Trips Working:


Linsey Corbin

My first experience with biking was in the summer of 2004. I borrowed my then-boyfriend’s (now my husband’s) road bike and rode across Washington. I’ll never forget the thrill of riding a bike all day, using my physical and mental capabilities to climb mountain passes. Each day would end with a dip in the river to cool off, a beer in hand, and a sleep under the stars. What week!

Shortly after that trip, I decided I needed to try a triathlon. Before I knew it, I was a professional triathlete competing on the world’s stage – specializing in Ironman racing.

I’ve recently retired from 15 years of professional racing and now have a greater appreciation for taking the long route home, stopping for a mid-ride coffee, and no, I don’t miss getting up at 5am for swim squad :).

I currently split my time between Bend, OR, and Missoula, MT. I enjoy spending my time outdoors, adventuring with my husband, Chris, and our golden retriever, pretending I know how to fly-fish, cooking great food & I love to travel.

What is the best thing about working at TCH?

Everything! The people! The food! The experience! The hard work! The smiles! The best days are when you get a front-row seat to see a guest experience an adventurous & fulfilling day on the bike that wouldn't have been possible without The Cycling House's teamwork. Gathering at the end of the day, enjoying a delicious meal, and sharing a story or two that's what it's all about.

What is your favorite ride?

As a mountain town girl, give me a bike ride with climbing and descending, and that's my happy place. I also live for any ride that starts at sunrise, involves a sense of adventure, a bit of uncertainty, lots of snacks, and ends at sunset.

What is your most memorable day on a bike?

I can't say that one specific ride comes to mind - I have done too many to count, hah! But what comes to mind is the people I've shared rides with along the way. A meaningful conversation, an ah-hah moment, suffering in silence, a sign sprint for glory, the cross-eyed bonk, helping a training partner in a time of need - these moments I will cherish the most.