Zeb Ruby


At The Cycling House Since: 2020 Hometown: Missoula, MT Trips Working:


Zeb Ruby

I’m a homegrown Montanan who loves cycling, climbing, running, and just about anything outdoor-related! Working with The Cycling House is truly an amazing job! Spending time with friends while on bikes is what it’s all about! I have been with The Cycling House for a while, and each trip is an adventure that one won’t forget!

Growing up in Missoula, MT, I spent the majority of my time in the mountains. I grew up running cross country and track, then transitioned into cycling. I raced with Brendan Halpin & Owen Gue in cyclocross throughout my youth and grew up loving the sport. As I grew older, I took up rock climbing and continued cycling in the immense mountains Montana offers. Spending time adventuring is what I love to do. Sharing these experiences is even more important to me!

I joined The Cycling House fresh out of college and started as the photographer, shooting photos along each trip and cycling tour. As time went on, I took up guiding as well! Capturing the moments we share on bikes is important because I love to share a visual of our experience!

What's the best thing about working at The Cycling House?

The best thing about working at The Cycling House is the incredible friendship I get to be a part of. Seeing people connect through cycling trips is awesome! I love to build lasting friendships with people on our trips because we're all one amazing community by the end of the week. I love working alongside great people, good food, and incredible experiences.

Do you have a favorite ride?

My favorite ride is when I’m guiding a trip! I love Montana’s abundant gravel mountains and the unforgettable terrain that never ends! Rice Ridge on our gravel camp is a beautiful ride that never disappoints. Moving south to Tucson, AZ, Mount Lemmon is spectacular in its climb and geological beauty as one ascends the mountain.

What is the most memorable day you've had on the bike?

Each time I start pedaling, new unforgettable memories happen while riding with you guys! Let's get out there and SEND IT!