Come ride in the sunshine this winter!

Tucson, Arizona, is arguably the best winter training destination for endurance cyclists and triathletes in North America.  Our trips are the perfect way to escape winter for a week of cycling in the sunshine! Whether you’re a veteran Ironman triathlete, a road racer looking to upgrade a category, or simply looking to log some sunny base-miles, we can ensure an unforgettable experience at our beautiful Tucson location. Our Tucson trips offer an all-inclusive experience, with freshly prepared meals by our chef, full ride support, full-time bike mechanics, and an opportunity to leave the stresses of life behind to focus on riding, relaxing, and, most importantly, having fun!

Our Tucson trips have been the heart and soul of our company since 2005. Laid back and fun, they make it easy for you to focus on riding and relaxing for a few days. Our staff is passionate and professional, and our healthy and delicious food is certainly a highlight every day. For those looking to learn a few new skills, we also love to work on group riding, bicycle handling, and descending both on and off the bike. In addition, discussions and clinics about nutrition, bicycle mechanics, and cooking are a part of the trips. After attending one of our Tucson trips, you’ll see why so many riders come back year after year! Triathlete? Our Tucson trips have a multi-sport element in addition to cycling, with optional runs, swims, and triathlon-specific clinics. Whether you’re training for a sprint triathlon, Ironman or something in between, our training camps are highly adaptable to ensure an unforgettable training experience and help you achieve your goals.  Our staff does a great job helping each rider get what they want out of camp, at your own pace.

Real Food, Made Fresh!

Cycling House Food

One of our goals is to support the Tucson community, which means working directly with the folks who source local and regional ingredients. You can count on clean, healthy and exquisite food on any of our Tucson camps. This takes a little more time and effort on our end, but it’s worth it when you’re enjoying a superb meal after a superb ride in the desert. We prepare food specifically for endurance athletes, which means we focus on healthy, lean proteins, lots of leafy greens and root veggies, and plenty of flavorful side dishes. Our chefs make dishes from around the world that they’ve been inspired by, so each meal is diverse, interesting, and, above all else, delicious. We eat family-style, together at one big table. We’ve always enjoyed our meals this way and it’s had a profound impact on our camps. You can count on us to take care of breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and we accommodate all dietary preferences and restrictions.

Ride Highlights

Tucson is a cyclist mecca especially in the heart of winter in North America. The Tucson valley is surrounded by the Santa Catalina, Tucson, Rincon, Tortolita, and Santa Rita mountain ranges which offer some great terrain for cycling.  The Cycling House is situated in the NorthEast corner of Tucson at the foot of the Santa Catalina and Rincon mountains.  Mount Lemmon is the most famous ride in Tucson, and the route up the mountain is right out our back door.  Mount Lemmon climbs over 5,000′ in 20 miles taking you from the Sonoran Desert into the Ponderosa Pine forests at over 8,000′ in elevation.  The views while cycling up Mount Lemmon are fantastic and well worth the effort!  The descent down Mount Lemmon is spectacular and offers a great opportunity to practice your descending skills. Our itinerary will take us into Saguaro National Park, which boasts one of the highest concentrations of Saguaro cactuses in the world. After a challenging day up Mount Lemmon, we explore the West side of Tucson and cap it off with an excellent lunch at Seis Kitchen.  On our last day of cycling, we head south to Sonoita and ride to Parker Canyon Lake along the grasslands of the San Rafael Valley. The riding here is something to be experienced.

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