TCH By The Numbers – May

Total elevation gain of Mt. Lemmon Highway. Quite possibly the best road biking climb in the United States.

2: Brendan Halpin’s 2007 USAT ranking in his age group.

$18,365 – Value of Sam Schultz’ 3 bikes that flew off his Subaru WRX team car while cruising down the interstate shortly after leaving The Cycling House in Tucson, AZ.

22: Record number of people that stayed at T.C.H. at one time (comfortably)

1456: Frank Brummer’s max Cyleops PowerTap wattage output in his sprint workouts at The Cycling House (Frank stayed at T.C.H. two different times last winter and, from the looks of his results, it paid off).

5,949 – Square feet of The Cycing House.

32 – Square feet of T.C.H. van. That’s a 5910 square foot difference that Owen Gue experienced by switching from living at T.C.H. to his van.

The Cycling House is a winter training destination in Tucson, Arizona for cyclists and triathletes. Fully staffed with professional riders who take care of your training needs. The Cycling House Store has the best price on HED Wheels and Cycleops Powertap units.