Tips for Riding in Montana

Riding in Montana can be rewarding, remote, and beautiful.  Here are some helpful pointers for riding in Big Sky Country.

  • Continental Gatorskin or tougher.
  • Camelbak Attack.  Camelbak’s aren’t just for mountain biking.  On self supported rides in Montana services can quickly dissipate.  On half of our big rides in the summer months I’m usually bringing a Camelbak.
  • There will be a storm almost every day, but it will be quick and crazy.  Bringing a rain shell is always a good idea.
  • It gets really cold at night and early in the morning….even in the summer.
  • Montana Creeks.  Stopping at the nearest watering hole to cool off is very important to surviving big rides.
  • Go hard.  More then likely you’ll be creating a new Strava segment or you will be the KOM.  It’s alot better then getting 356th place at your big city street sprint. Enjoy your time in the limelight.
  • Learn a good song or make friends with the cows.
  • There will be a head wind, just prepare.
  • Beer post ride is not just for mountain biking.
  • Mountain Passes can also just be heads winds and 2% grades for 20 miles.