Rugged, gorgeous island in the Mediterranean Sea

The phenomenal climate, culture and roads made for bicycles make Mallorca a Cycling House favorite! Mallorca is the largest island in the Balearic Islands, which are a part of Spain in the Mediterranean sea.  The island is rich in European history because of its central location in the highly fought over Mediterranean sea.  The island plays host to over 20 million visitors each year, making the Palma de Mallorca airport one of the busiest airports in Spain.  The majority of the tourists will not make it further than the beaches of Palma, leaving the majority of the island untouched.  A well kept secret was exposed by Team Sky when they made Mallorca their winter training destination for team camp.  Mallorca might have been discovered but it still has something for everyone; especially cyclists looking for a unique, authentic cycling experience.

The Cycling House has been running trips in Mallorca for the past 7 years and could not be more excited for our 8th year!  Home base for the week at the foot of the Serra De Tramuntana mountains in the small village of Alaro, at the Petit Hotel Alaro. The Hotel offers deluxe accommodations with mountain views, a swimming pool and great place to wind down with a glass of Spanish red wine after a good day on the bike.  The proximity of the Hotel to excellent cycling makes it easy to explore the quiet, country roads and mountain landscapes. The island has plenty to explore, and a week of cycling gives a fantastic taste of what Mallorca has to offer.

The Food


Off the bike we have some great opportunities to indulge in the local Mallorca culture, cuisine and off course wines.  Each morning begins with a casual breakfast prepared by the staff, espresso, and some time to relax before getting ready to ride.  One of the best features about this camp is the chance to taste some traditional Mallorca foods at our villa.  Each afternoon we will be greeted with fantastic smells of authentic Mallorquin foods as our local chef prepares our lunches.  In the evenings, with the exception of 2 dinners out, the staff will prepare a more traditional variety of Spanish style tapas.  The outdoor picnic table on the patio serves a relaxing dining room with a view.

Ride Highlights

A highlight is cycling to the Cap De Formentor, a lighthouse surrounded by cliffs diving into the Mediterranean on a newly paved out and back road.  It is hard not to mention Sa Calobra when talking about cycling in Mallorca.  The ride descends from the Serra de Tramuntana mountains which traverse the entire island all the way down to the port de Sa Calobra.  The ride is unique for a few reasons; hairpin turns, a hairpin turn that loops under itself (only 5 of these in all of Europe), and you descend down then climb up on the on the out and back road.  The climb out is considered a classic climb of Europe and is well known amongst professional cyclists and those seeking the most prestigious Strava KOMs.  Each ride has it’s own unique features but one thing remains the same, cafe stops with great espresso and pastries.  On our rides we like to get in some good miles but also indulge in the local culture and spend some time at cafes and vistas.  For those feeling extra hungry a Pa amb oli might be in order, this is a traditional dish of bread, olive oil and olives.  The Mallorca trip is a must for those looking for a Mediterranean cycling adventure!