Brendan Halpin

Director of Trips

At The Cycling House Since: 2007 Hometown: Whitefish, MT Trips Working:

Director of Trips

Brendan Halpin

I’m a retired professional triathlete and endurance junkie from Whitefish, Montana. I love just about any adventure; especially if it involves cycling or trail running with friends and coffee along the way and a beer or two to cap it off. I’ve worked for The Cycling House for 10 years and hope to make it another 10+ years.

Growing up in Whitefish, Montana I was lucky to have opportunities and exposure to many outdoor pursuits.  In high school, I ran cross country and track and played soccer.  My summers were filled with hiking in Glacier National Park, kayaking, fishing and mountain bike rides with friends.  My endurance spirit might have sparked in high school but it certainly did not blossom into what it has become today until college.  I was a bare minimum runner and really never pushed myself in training.  I was much more interested in the social aspects and happened to have some natural talent.  Upon graduation, I moved to Missoula, Montana to attend the University of Montana and that is where it all started.

I joined the University of Montana triathlon team and raced competitively at the local and national scene while studying History and Geography.  After graduating I had one of those lost moments like so many college graduates have.  I was working at Adventure Cycling Association through college and started full-time work there as the Sales Lead after graduation.  I knew Owen Gue through racing and during that summer he asked me if I would be interested in working in Tucson as a guide.  I wanted to pursue racing triathlon and after many years of training through the winter in Montana, I jumped at the opportunity.  I had no idea if I would get paid, what being a guide entailed or what my roles and responsibilities would be.  I showed up on the doorstep of The Cycling House and thirteen years later, I’m still here.

What is the best thing about working at The Cycling House?

Bikes, great food, friends, hard work and amazing venues; whats not to love about working at The Cycling House. The teamwork aspect is what I really love. It quickly becomes family, not just co-workers. Creating an unforgettable experience and making new friends along the way is what keeps me coming back year after year.

Do you have a favorite ride?

My favorite ride is usually the one I'm currently on, but if I had to choose I simply could not choose just one. Here are a few; Jalama Beach ride is Solvang, Mount Lemmon in Tucson, Going to the Sun in Montana, the coastal ride in Mallorca.

What is the most memorable day you’ve ever had on the bike?

Our final day of riding in Mallorca with some of the guides after camp wrapped up. We covered 106 miles, 12,000' of climbing, 2 broken chains and 10k of Ian and Drew pushing/towing Brendan, 9 cortados, 8 KOM sprints, 20 city sprints and lots of laughs, greasy hands and an amazing day on a bike.