What you will learn at a Cycling House Camp

Proper Nutrition

For us, the food that we provide at camp is equally as important as a great day on the bike. We strive to offer seasonal ingredients whenever possible. We make food that is made specifically for endurance athletes which means we focus on healthy, lean proteins, lots of green leafy and root veggies and plenty of tasty side dishes. Our chefs make dishes that they’ve been inspired with from around the world so each meal will be diverse, interesting and above all else, delicious. Our staff is more than happy to answer individual nutrition and food questions you might have at camp.


Mechanics 101

At camp we organize laid back evening mechanics class. The class will range in topics depending on the group but our goal is to cover the ins and outs of bike maintenance and mechanics. We give our favorite tips and tricks for keeping your gear working great. For riders who are flying with or shipping their bike, our staff assembles and disassembles their bikes and are always willing to teach folks who are interested in how that process works. We also have a full work bench and multiple bike stands for folks who like to work on their own bike. Most of our staff have worked at a bike shop or currently work at a bike shop, so there’s always a lot of geeking out (I mean learning) at camp.


How to become a better descender

Our descending clinic is taught at every camp. It’s focused on 7 key tips below. We go into great detail to help each person improve.

1. Relax

2. Look through the corner.

3. Brake before the corner.

4. Outside pedal down.

5. Weight the inside handlebar.

6. Hit the apex of the corner.

7. Follow somebody better than you.

Check out this great article for more details on descending.


How to ride in a group

Riding in a group can be tricky, especially when it’s a group of strangers. Riding safely while having fun and getting in a great ride are keystones to what we do at The Cycling House. When should you ride single file? How long should you pull for in a group pace line? What are the proper hand signals? How can I help my fellow riders instead of creating more work? All these questions will be answered and discussed by our guides at camp.


Training Advice

Our guides have years of experience with cycling and endurance sports and love to share what they’ve learned over the years. We are not a coaching company and we don’t sell coaching plans during our trips but for those that want advise, we’ve got it! You don’t have to be an aspiring elite rider to come ride with us. In fact our trips are geared towards riders who want a vacation that’s coupled with their passion; riding bikes and becoming a better rider (no matter what age). We encourage all ability levels to contact us to find the best trip for them and some of our trips have more “training” elements then others. These are not structured on the bike workouts, but advice from our guides and fellow guests either on the ride or around the dinner table. It’s an educational, fun with a laid-back vibe when it comes to training and we like it that way. For individual questions, our staff is at your service for training tips and advice.


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