Zwift – Cycling House Style

I’ve entered the world of Zwift.  I’m hooked.

The indoor cycling experience has taken off in recent years.  It’s a little cumbersome to get your setup dialed, but once you get it going the product is un-rivaled.  There are rides, races, and events every single day.  It also takes drafting into account, so group rides and races resemble actual riding outside.

What I enjoy:

  • It’s competitive, real time results based really similar to normal group riding
  • Friendly and supportive community
  • Pushes you super hard, much harder then any other virtual program I’ve seen
  • Rad little clothing and gear incentives for your Avatar
  • Keeps track of all your rides and stats
  • Seemless upload to Strava

My Setup

I use the Powertap P1 Pedals we sell at TCH.  I bought the Zwift Dongle from their site and then a USB extension cord off Amazon.  I use a Garmin HR strap and traditional magnetic Cyclops Trainer.  It works great.  I bought the Powertap Magnus, so I’ll check back in when that comes in.

COO Cycling House


Powertap P1 Pedals work great on Zwift for power and cadence.
I use an old Cycleops Magnetic Trainer.
Powertap P1 Pedals.
The Dongle and USB extension cord.
USB extension cord