RATPOD & The Cycling House

We’d like to share an event with you that’s close to our hearts. We’re inviting our Cycling House guests to join us in Dillon, MT on June 22nd to ride RATPOD. It’s a wonderful 126 mile ride with an incredible fundraising effort for Camp Mak-A-Dream. The route is fantastic and the food stops are plentiful and tasty which is probably why Brendan and I pick this ride as one of our top one-day events every year.

Why are we doing this? It’s all about bringing Cycling House guests and our staff together for a fun party, big amazing ride in our beautiful home state, and most importantly, support the kids of Camp Mak-A-Dream. We believe in this cause and we’re all in here at TCH!

We’ve had many of special moments on this ride over the years. Owen is also on the RATPOD Ride Committee so the more involved he gets the more he sees first hand what goes into putting this event on and the huge, positive impact that comes from it.  Ultimately our goal is to raise money for the kids and create some more lifetime memories with the amazing friends that travel with us at The Cycling House. Check out our plan below and we hope you can make it! If you can’t make the ride you can still help by donating here.

– The Cycling House Staff

How to sign up for RATPOD and join Team The Cycling House – Team Cortado:

  1. Fill out the signup form below
  2. Sign up* for RATPOD on their official website
  3. Setup a Firstgiving Fundraising page* and add “The Cycling House – Team Cortado” team to your fundraising page. (Do this after you officially register for RATPOD)
  4. Fundraise for the kids!
  5. Can’t make the ride? HELP US BY DONATING!
*All transactions for registration and fundraising is not handled by The Cycling House. These transactions are executed on RATPOD’s website and the Firstgiving website. All payment processing is done on these partner’s websites.