Long Distance Triathlon Camp with Coach Jim Bruskewitz

Camp Dates: March 14th-19th, 2017

This year we’re hosting a long distance triathlon camp in Tucson, AZ with legendary triathlon coach and our friend, Jim Bruskewitz. Tucson, Arizona, is arguably the best winter training destination for triathletes in North America, and our camps are perfect for folks looking to get out of the cold for a few days. Whether you’re a veteran Ironman triathlete, road racer looking to upgrade a category or simply looking to log some sunny base miles, we can ensure an unforgettable experience at our beautiful Tucson location. Our Tucson camps offer an all-inclusive experience, with freshly prepared meals by our chef, full ride support, full-time bike mechanics and an opportunity to leave the stresses of life behind to focus on riding, relaxing and, most importantly, having fun! For all details on our Tucson camp visit this page

Triathlon Tucson Camp

The Coach

Jim Bruskewitz MS founded Endurance Performance Ltd. in 1992 to provide physiological testing and specific training programs for endurance athletes. Jim received his Masters Degree from the University of Wisconsin – Madison. He retired after 15 years as a Lecturer at the University of Wisconsin – Madison in the Kinesiology Department. He also developed and coached Water Running and Master’s Swimming programs for the University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics Sports Medicine facility.

Benefits of attending This Camp

The Cycling House Camp experience lends itself to a relaxed and focused active vacation with a group of fellow like-minded athletes. Train and relax in a terrific winter climate and comfortable, home-style accommodations. The Cycling House pays particular attention to serving delicious, carefully prepared meals using fresh organic food prepared by The Cycling House’s resident chef.

Tucson Cycling Camp

Take a week of your life to devote to training without the usual conflicts that accompany daily life and its commitments. While in this atmosphere, learn as a group and individually how to:

  • train efficiently.
  • use metrics like power, heart rate, pace, and perceived exertion while training and racing.
  • understand why certain training intensities/zones are emphasized at certain parts of a season.
  • identify the signs of overtraining and how to quickly return to a proper challenging training load.
  • taper for your peak performance at one big event.
  • understand the principles of building for multiple big events in a season.
  • build a reasonable annual race schedule.
  • identify race strategies to reach your PR.
  • perfect a nutritional scheme used while training and racing to keep you at your peak performance.
  • avoid the common mistakes made by your competitors.

Tucson is the ideal location for winter riding. We’ll ride daily, but also weave swimming and running into the week’s training schedule.


  • Receive a prescription for improving your swim technique
  • Practice proper running form and the drills and exercises needed to achieve it
About Cycling Vacations

Coach Jim’s Athletic Accomplishments:

  • Two time World Triathlon Age-Group Champion
  • Eight time Triathlon National Age Group Champion
  • Second Place Age Group Ironman World Championships-Kona
  • Two time Duathlon National Age Group Champion
  • Ironman Wisconsin, Wildflower Triathlon, and Muncie Endurathon Age Group Course Records set

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