Some highlights from 2018

It’s been an exciting year here at TCH and we wanted to reflect on a few highlights in 2018. Thank you for being part of the TCH family!

Here are a few of our 2018 highlights:

#1 – We raised $16,000 for the kids of Camp Mak-a-Dream at the RATPOD charity ride. See how we did it.

Our fundraising team raised money for the kids!

#2 – Our Solvang cycling trip became our most popular private trip destination and our second most popular destination overall just behind Tucson. With rides like this, it’s no surprise :)

Riding through the super green hills of the Santa Ynez Valley in the spring time.

#3 – We added Beartooth Pass Scenic Highway to the itinerary on our Glacier to Yellowstone camping tour which means that you can ride Going-to-the-Sun Road through Glacier Park and Beartooth Pass Scenic Highway adjacent to Yellowstone on the same cycling tour in Montana. In 2019 we are adding an indoor accommodations itinerary for Glacier to Yellowstone as well.

Bearthooth Pass is one of the best climbs in the US!

#4 – Brendan got married!

#5 – Next June we’re heading to the Dolomites after our trip to Tuscany! Let the climbing (and good food) begin.

Climbing in the Dolomites.

#6 – We put together a few things we’ve learned as cyclists and travelers over the years and started posting them to our blog. Here’s some of what we’ve covered so far:

We’d love to have you along for all of our adventures but understand that’s probably not very realistic. If you can’t join us, you should follow our travels on Instagram and Facebook.

Thank you for being part of our family and Happy New Year!


The Cycling House Crew

Happy New Year from our headquarters in Missoula, MT! Home to the University of Montana and a wonderful medley of mountains, trails, rivers and good people.