Owen Gue


At The Cycling House Since: 2005 Hometown: Missoula, MT


Owen Gue

Owen Gue is the owner and president of The Cycling House. He was born and raised in Missoula, MT.

Owen was interviewed on the New Angle podcast. On this podcast, you can learn about the beginnings of The Cycling House and Owen’s story.

Watch this video to learn more about Owen’s story.

What is the best thing about working at The Cycling House?

I've always found a huge amount of value in being part of delivering a really special, unique experience to riders. But the thing I love the most about working here is the relationships that are created through the Cycling House. I've seen riders create life long friendships through our trips and it's also a place I've made some of my closest friends. I also love the physical challenge and the teamwork that's needed because everyday you feel and actually see that something meaningful was accomplished - I think that's why I've always loved doing dishes :)

Do you have a favorite ride?

Mount Lemmon in Tucson is my favorite. It's such a special ride on many different levels. A close second is the Sella Ronda loop in the Dolomites.

What is the most memorable day you’ve ever had on the bike?

I'm lucky because I've had many amazing days on the bike. One that stands out is a ride we did in Tuscany. The route goes from our home-base B&B near Siena to another agriturismo in Asciano. We took our guests on sections of gravel, stopped and ate a bunch of gelato and finished with a beautiful picnic lunch under some olive trees. It's not the longest or hardest day I've ever had but it was a beautiful ride with great people.