Is Brunello a recovery drink?

Cyclists require just a few things to make them happy: quiet roads, long descents, and good espresso. Our Tuscany cycling trip has all of these items, plus incredibly beautiful scenery, making it an ideal cycling destination. Known for its fantastic weather and rich history, there is another reason to visit Italy; the wine. Join The Cycling House, Euro Style, as we take in everything Tuscany has to offer.

Tuscany is a cyclists’ fairyland.  You’re never riding in a straight line. The climbs are short, some steep, and descents are always long. Should you choose to look away from the road, the scenery grabs you at every corner. It will be green and gorgeous, with a castle here and a vineyard there. At every intersection signage points your way and the cars are few and far between and always courteous. Should you need a little something to keep you going, a café is never far away and they NEVER make bad espresso in Tuscany.