Victoria D. Phares

Director of Guest Support

At The Cycling House Since: 2019 Hometown: Argentina Trips Working:

Director of Guest Support

Victoria D. Phares

I was born in Patagonia, Argentina where I lived until I graduated from College with a BS in Economics. After completing my college education, I moved to the USA in search of professional opportunities. I lived in Chicago for a number of years, attended cooking school and moved to Buffalo, NY to expand my experience in the hospitality industry.

I started cycling after many running injuries prevented me from running again. I dived into cycling and enjoyed the friends and community I was able to build around it. I love cycling in different parts of the world but any day on my bike feels like an awesome adventure.

After many snowy winters in Western NY, I moved back to Patagonia, Argentina where I was hired as the General Manager in a renowned fly fishing lodge. While working in Argentina, I met my now husband Sam and soon after moved to Bozeman, MT to start our lives together. I learned about The Cycling House and signed up for The Glacier to Yellowstone trip in 2019 and loved it. I guided in Tucson in 2020 and had the pleasure of meeting many of the guests that are part of The Cycling House family.

I am very excited about my new role as Director of Guest Support, where I will be providing trip assistance to our amazing guests. It will be my pleasure to take care of our guests as soon as they book a trip with us, and follow their journey leading to the trip and afterwards as well. I will make trip appearances so I can connect with many of you and get feedback on how we are doing and how we can continue to improve.

My home base is in Boulder, Colorado where I live with my husband and puppy Rhea. Other things I like to do besides cycling are fly fishing, hiking, cooking, bringing people together over coffee or a great glass of wine.

What is the best thing about working at The Cycling House?

The group of caring, fun and down to earth folks that are part of The Cycling House family. The teamwork, can-do attitude and passion we all share for riding bikes. I look forward to building life-long friendships and sharing unforgettable moments that I will think of forever.

Favorite ride?

My favorite rides are those where the total number of switchbacks are n+1; the steeper, the better! Riding with friends in jaw-dropping places and a hot chocolate waiting at the top of the climb. The French Alps checked all these boxes for me!

What is the most memorable day you’ve ever had on the bike?

One of the best days I had on a bike was during a volunteer trip to Lusaka, Zambia with World Bicycle Relief. As we cycled through the outskirts of town visiting schools, hospitals and farms, I thought about the many ways bicycles help people conquer the challenge of distance, achieve independence and thrive. At our last stop, the Palabana Children’s Orphanage, I handed out my bicycle to Anastesia, a loving young girl with dreams of becoming a doctor. This was a life changing event for Anastesia, because a bicycle would allow her to travel to school faster and have extra time to study. She didn’t want to wait for me to lower her seat, oh no…, she wanted to pedal fast, really fast, feel the fresh air caressing her face, explore new places and to ride with other kids. Since that day, I look at bicycles through the eyes of Anastesia, and I am thankful for every opportunity I get to ride my bike with old and new friends and discover together the most beautiful places this world has to offer.

Other hobbies other than cycling?

Other things I like to do besides cycling are fly fishing, hiking, cooking, bringing people together over coffee or a great glass of wine.